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A published deposit is generally retained by the Copyright Office for at least 5 years. Aside from the visual arts category, a specific request must be made to ensure that the Copyright Office will keep a published deposit for the full length of the copyright term. Unpublished deposits and published works of visual arts are usually kept for the full copyright term.

Search services include researching Copyright Office for records for information on copyright registrations, renewals, ownership and transfer and other documents. A written report is sent for each search. Searches are not usually made (and are not necessary under the law) to determine whether a similar work has already been registered. In many cases, such searches are not possible because the Copyright Office does not index by subject.

CERTIFIED COPIES OR DUPLICATE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES Anyone may request an additional certificate of copyright, copies of the application, correspondence, objections or other documents related to any registration. Copies of the deposit material may also be obtained when requested by the copyright claimant or owner of record or by a designated agent of the owner of any of the exclusive rights or by an attorney or authorized representative in connection with actual or prospective litigation.

COPYRIGHT NOW - In the Digital Age, these services may often be performed on an expedited basis.

Special Handling or Processing of Certifications and Document Services
Under certain circumstances, the Copyright Office will consider requests to process an application for registration or recordal on an expedited basis. Situations where such special requests are approved include pending or prospective litigation, cases involving the U.S. customs service, contractual matters and publishing deadlines.

In times of crisis, the A&S advantage comes through, protecting music, art, cartoon characters, books, poetry and more.

GATT - Restoration Application
Registration of claims in a work in which U.S. copyright registration was restored under the 1994 Uruguay Round Agreements (URAA). Fees include any single work or series of works published under a single title in multiple installments or issues during the same calendar year.

NIE - Notice of Intent to Enforce a Copyright Restored Under the URAA

Online Service Provider Designations as Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement (for Internet Service Providers and Web Hosts only)

Translation & Transliteration Services
Copywrite - We give IMPACT to advertising copy, ensuring that promotional materials are effective, non-infringing and that all creative aspects and character representations remain intact.

WGA) Registration of a Script, Screenplay or Treatment at the Writers Guild of America, Intellectual Property Registry $ 185 includes all fees.

Trademark Services

Copyrights cannot be obtained for short names, titles and phrases but Trademark law is available for the product and company names, designs, logos and slogans used in business.

When an author, artist, designer or other trader uses a brand name, slogan, shape, logo or other designation to distinguish his or her goods or services from those offered by others-- valid and registered Trademark rights may extend to stop others from "passing off" their similar wares, infringing on their names and designs and otherwise creating consumer confusion.

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Domain Names, Celebrity Names and Business Name Services

At Namesavers.net, we handle Domain Name Disputes, Cybersquatting, Hyperlinking and Meta Tag Infringements as well as the illegal use of copyrighted materials online.

Publicity Rights- We handle cases involving well-recognized artists, performers and creators of characters through licensing, merchandising and endorsement matters and to protect against unauthorized exloitation or misuse of their personality rights.

California Corporate Name Reservations;

Fictitious Business Name (DBA) Filings;

California State Trademarks;

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