How Do I Protect My . . . ?

Original Artwork (as represented typically by drawings, paintings &
sculpture) as well as any music, performing arts drawings or other expressive text
(poetry, fiction and software code) can be registered for Copyright Protection.

How Do I Apply for U.S. Copyright Protection?


Our "basic" fee for preparation and filing copyright applications is only $229,
including government filing fees and express courier delivery!

Our attorneys will prepare "Basic" applications for literary works, visual arts, performing arts,
or sound recordings, including all required forms and cover letters for up to two authors or
contributors and express courier filing of deposit material (sample of the copyrighted work)
to the U.S. Register of Copyrights.

There are no additional fees for notification of official correspondence, periodic reporting,
nor for postage and forwarding the original Registration Certificate.
Register Now - Only $229!

Our "Basic" fee will normally include all reasonable and ordinary application photocopy,
telecom and mail charges, but any and all extraordinary expenses, over $15 and/or all
design or graphical drafting fees, freight or attorney fees based on objections or refusals
by the Registrar; and any required special research, analysis, clearance, licenses or
requests for expedited services are specifically excluded.)

For volume registrants, we offer rates as low as $199 per application, inclusive.

For each of the works that you are seeking Copyright registration, we will
need certain information and items, including:

1) The name or title of the work;

2) The complete name, title, address and telephone number of each of the Artists/Authors
and Contributors; as well as the Owner/Claimant for the work.

If the Copyright Owner is a person or entity other than the Author, Artists or Contributors
who created the work, you must indicate how the transfer of rights occurred
(e.g., work for hire; specially commissioned work, or by written agreement).
(see #4 below)

Published works - Two (2) copies of the "best edition" of the work. Please be sure that the
copies are clear and legible (In most cases color is better - though black & white is
sometimes sufficient). Please be sure that the text and graphics are complete and not
cut-off from the printable page area.

4) AUTHORSHIP - We will need either :
(a) an indication that the artist/author has personally created all aspects of the drawings,
graphics and text; or (b) an indication that all other artists photographers, writers,
designers templates, etc. who contributed to
the material were specially licensed, commissioned (hired for the specific purpose
of taking such act) and/or within the course and scope of a specific employment
agreement; or
(c) an indication that any other artists, photographers, writers, designers
(besides the copyright claimant) have signed an agreement that their
respective contributions were performed as a "Work for Hire" and that they
have agreed that any rights of authorship be made in the claimant's name; or
(d) If there is any specific content in the materials that was not created,
commissioned or obtained by written license to use, we must discuss the
appropriate way to handle this prior to filing any application.

5) The year that the work was completed;

6) The exact date that the materials were first shown in public, or otherwise
performed or published (by print, television, other media or the www); if ever; and

7) A check to Anderson & Associates in the sum of:
$ 229.00 per application (for 1 - 2 works)
$ 219.00 per application (for 3 - 5 works)
$ 209.00 per application (for 6 - 9 works)
$ 199 per application for 10 or more.


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Please deliver these items to our Southern California Office:
Anderson & Associates
27280 Via Industria, Unit B
Temecula, California 92590
tel. (951) 296-1700
tel. (951) 296-0614

Prior to sending any material, we recommend that you contact us via telephone
or email for a free initial consultation.

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