Our crew has vast experience handling assertions of infringement in State, Federal and international cases involving: Copyright, Trademark and Trade Dress infringement; Unfair Competition; Breach of Contract; Licensing; parallel imports/product diversion and other commercial matters.

We have enforced and defended our clients rights through preliminary and permanent Injunctions; judgments; claims; security interests, monetary awards, and levies against property.



For example, in one case of widespread infringement of over eighty individually Copyrighted episodes of "The Avenger's" television series and despite complex issues television distribution rights and chain of title, Mr. Anderson succesfully obtained relief against several parties, including America's largest retailer of prerecorded videotapes.

Further, on behalf of such notable clients as Hard Rock Cafe Licensing Corporation; F.I.F.A. World Cup Soccer; Anheuser-Busch Co., Inc.; ChinaMotion Telecom and many others, our attorneys have stopped the immediate sale of infringing goods by seeking, obtaining and personally overseeing pre-trial orders for seizure, infringement raids, writs of attachment, administrative hearings and trademark cancellation hearings in the U.S. and abroad.

Our attorneys are accustomed to working with Federal, State, local and foreign law enforcement and customs officials and have traveled the globe to bring greater IMPACT to trademark actions.

Reasonable Hourly Rates - We offer both reasonable hourly rates and fixed budgets for services.

Litigation services may include: copyright infringement investigations; cease and desist letters; preparing complaints, answers and other pleadings in State and Federal Court, raids and seizures, and appeals to refusals to register at the United States Copyright Office and Trademark Trial & Appeal Board.

With our experience handling: preliminary injunctions, pre-trial Orders for writs, seizures and impoundments, confidential discovery matters, Protective Orders, trials, appeals, and other intellectual property proceedings -- WE PROTECT IMAGINATION.

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